End-of-Life & Elder Care Doula Services

End-of-Life & Elder Care Doula Services

End-of-Life & Elder Care Doula ServicesEnd-of-Life & Elder Care Doula ServicesEnd-of-Life & Elder Care Doula Services

Providing compassionate care and planning services to ensure everyone has the peace of mind they deserve at the end of life.



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Meet Your Doula

What is a Doula?

 Doula’s are non-medical experienced professionals who provide advice, resources, education, emotional support, and physical comfort during someone’s time of need.

Salina Harrigan, LCSW

 Salina has been providing compassionate care as a social worker within her community for more than 18 years. She has nearly 10 years of experience working with youth in foster care. It was during that time that she earned a Master of Social Work degree and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She eventually transitioned into medical and hospice social work.

Salina displays a unique understanding of how trauma affects individuals and their families. Salina provides Motivational Interviewing (MI) education to community providers to better understand oppression and structural violence, and to ensure the best possible care to clients. Salina is also an educator for first year Master of Social Work students as an Adjunct Professor at California State University, East Bay.


Salina continues to blaze new trails and take on challenges. She was excited to join the Death Positive movement by starting Guiding Peace, providing end-of-life and elder care doula services.   

Her primary focus is to provide people of color the education and support needed to have a peaceful and natural death that is not traumatic.

Salina is warm, open, encouraging, and direct. She hopes her combined experience, education, creativity, and love and respect for others will be her guide while she continues to provide compassionate care to individuals within her community.